Billy Cobham is a Composer, Band leader,
Teacher etc. But most of all a revolutionary
Drummer who changed the way the instrument is
In all honesty Billy Cobham, has given drumming a
presence that it never had before him. Many
powerful performances came out of the Jazz
Fusion years, including an all time favorite i
Interview Recorded:June @29th    
Tribute to George Duke,
This is the show I did following the week when we lost this great legendary artist.
George Duke was the first guest I had on Living Legends and I wanted to share the
rebroadcast of our last interview. There will be a tribute to Mr. Duke later this year
that will include his son Rashid Duke. Please go to the site at to
see when it will be. Thank you  DrCal
Living Legends
This show was created by DrCal host of “The DrCal Hour of Insight” on blogtalkradio. For over 6 years
there has been new artist who had their first interview with DrCal and have gone on to having a good fan base
and are still thriving. I started “
Living Legends” to give those who paved the way a place to share some of
their experience and to recognize the great contribution they made to many artists today. My very first guest
was the late great
George Duke and some other greats like Billy Cobham and Arnold McCuller, Matt
Karyn White are just a few. I want to continue sharing because I am so tired of all these great people
getting flowers after they are no longer here to smell them. The “Living Legends”will be here to reach as many
will allow me to honor them at no cost to them just a few minutes of their time. The interviews are done by
phone, so we don’t interrupt their gigs or what ever else they are doing. I handle all the promotion and ads so
all they need to do is say a few words and receive the love we have for them……DrCal