What are licensing companies?

Music licensing companies ensure that the creators of musical works get paid for their work. A purchaser of recorded
music owns the media on which the music is stored, not the music itself. A purchaser has limited rights to use and
reproduce the recorded work.

The Major Music licensing companies

I are the most recognizable music licensing companies.They are the police who watch all the
registered works of the creative community.They are resoponsible for the collection of fees on behalf of recording
artists, musicians and composers.

Benefits of Membership

If you are a member of a licensing company it gives you a professional status by association.
Most Music Supervisors won’t touch any works by musicians without an agency behind them.
These people choose what goes into a film or TV projects etc.

ASCAP-The American Society Of Composers, Authors and Publishers  www.ascap.com

BMI-Broadcast Music Incorporated  www.bmi.com

hfa-Harry Fox Agency  www.harryfox.com
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