No 5 December 2016
 Merry Christmas/Happy New year

Good will to ALL MEN (The Human Race)
The year has been filled with many unusual events, and now we are coming to the end of
2016. We just had Thanksgiving and it is straight on to Christmas, my favorite time of year.

I remember the many sleepless Christmas Eves I had growing up. What I love about
Christmas is that the familiar songs and jingles are everywhere and the idea that the spirit
of love and giving takes the spotlight. This great country we live in is based on the birth of
Christ. It is my wish this year after all the events that cause division, that the focus will be
on the unselfish one, Jesus.

Every tune I write is about the celebration of the life I have because of Jesus. Christmas
has always been about the act of love. So as this year comes to its final day I want all
those who have been with us from the beginning to allow all the unkindness and fighting to
be nullified and let good will to all men reign. To those who see Jesus, as Lord, I
encourage you to let your light shine.

Love to all from DrCal.   
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