The Purpose of Publishing Company

Publishing Companies are libraries which catalogue a variety of works.
Major and Independent Record Labels almost always try to lock in publishing rights of music.  Simply put- This is
where the money is made. For example if you write a tune for a sitcom that has become the opening theme and that
show  goes on to be syndicated, the owner of the publishing rights will have steady payments for years to come

Why Should You Have Your Own Publishing Company?

The recording artist that also writes original songs benefits by having a place to put finished works. The purpose is to
use the publishing company to place music compositions, printed media etc. Being the owner of the publishing rights
gives you power to negotiate when there is a potential deal.

How to Set Up Your Own Publishing Company

Setting up a publishing company is a relatively simple process. The following steps will get you started.

•  Choose a name for your company

•  Contact the county clerks office in your town. They will do a search on the name you have chosen to make sure it
isn’t already being used. If it is not being used you can register that name with the county clerk.

•  Open a business account with a banking institution in your area.

•  Check with the county clerk for any specific rules your town may require for opening a business.
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