DrCal Insight:  “2017,

Well here we are in August already and 2017 is more than half way done. Now with that being said the next thing is
to check whether the New Years’ list has been covered. There are some things on my list that are just getting done.
But the important thing I have learned in many cases is that timing is the key. Most of my life I have been rushing
from one thing to the next, but that is unnatural. When you look at the things around you there must be a realization
that those things did not appear overnight. I have also learned if you want apples, don’t plant pears .You should keep
the focus on the needed areas.

Cultivation is part of the journey. What I want my Insight Family to do is not get frustrated at the things that have not
been done yet, but understand how nature around you exists. The trees and plant life and birds and other animals
operate by the Seasons. Have you ever noticed how it seems the wildlife can tell when a storm is coming? They just
gather what they need and take shelter until the time is right to come out again. They don’t try to resist and change
nature, they just know how to adapt to what is dealt. There is always a harvest but you cannot force the process.
Just do what you know so when things come up you can adapt. There is still time in this year to suceed. Give it your
best but don't stress.

Be blessed
We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the
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I was first introduced to music at a very young age by my father, Isom Green Sr. My father bought a
Trumpet for me after he saw I had an interest in music while I attended one of his rehearsals. After I
graduated high school, I attended college, where I studied the trumpet with Charley Davis and
played in wind and jazz ensembles as well as different Jazz and R&B Groups. I worked in different
studios in the LA area including Innovative Sounds of Music, which was a studio owned by my
father. This is where I became interested in Recording and Music Production. As a producer, I have
worked with many well known artists in the music industry such as Whitney Houston, Jermaine
Jackson, and Ice Cube. (just to name a few).....
NO. 13 August 2017
Isom Green Jr.
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This month our guest on our Living Legends segment is Rick and Jerry Marotta.
These two brothers are in high demand and has been on the music circuit for many years as studio
musicians and live tour performers.Songwriters etc.

Quincy Jones. Steely Dan. The Orleans, James Taylor, are just a small example of who has
tapped these brothers for their gitfs in songwriting and percussion and not to mention explosive drum
playing. Grammy Winning Music was produced in Jerry's studio alone. Soundstracks for famous
shows like "
Everybody Loves Raymond."
The Marotta Brothers mean business and has recently created a band that is presently on tour.
These are the quest on Living Legends with DrCal your host
Come walk down memory lane and hear some things that will only be shared on the show. Special
Wednesday show @4PM EST .
New York City EST
How to Give Better Song Feedback
By Keppie Coutts  •  July 28, 2017  SHARE:    
“He’s the most talented songwriter this country has produced…”

When I joined the Songwriting Faculty at the Berklee College of Music in 2010, I was 26 years
old. I put up a brave front and tried to summon a facade of confidence. But in the privacy of my
ramshackle share house in Boston’s Chinatown, I was spending 10 hours a day pulling together
all my notes, rereading text books, calling old teachers, and cramming. I basically wrote myself
a script for each class so there would be no cracks, no breaking points.

This worked out well enough for the intro classes. But I had another class to teach where the
weekly instructions were: “Write songs. Get feedback.” How do you prepare for that? I took a
deep breath…

When you’re forced to explain an idea, you need to find specific vocabulary to describe cause
and effect. You need to be able to observe how decisions affect outcomes, and how different
choices impact the depth of communication and connection that is possible
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