Biodiversity is not just an isolated issue that affects a certain group of people. It affects all of us no
matter what your culture or where you live. Biodiversity is the variety of life that exists on our planet and
it includes the smallest organism to the largest mammal you can think of.
The loss of Biodiversity is the problem
While we understand that extinction is a fact of life, there are some species are now becoming extinct at
an alarming rate. This is directly related to human activities. When a form of life ceases to exist, it will
affect another form of life. Every living thing is connected in the web of life.

While we take it for granted in our everyday life Biodiversity is what clothes, us feeds
us, shelters us, and provides medicine that can help heal us
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The United Nations has declared the years 2011 to 2020 as the Decade on Biodiversity. This is a strategic plan to
bring attention to Biodiversity loss and address the underlying causes.

For years we have all heard that we should help the environment by recycling, using environmentally friendly
products, conserve energy etc. If you have been doing these things, that is good, Keep it up. However we need to
take a more serious approach to this matter. Below are a few things you can start to do.

  • Be aware of legislation and policies that effect the environment.

  •   Support businesses and organizations that show concern for the environment.

  • Lessen your support for businesses that blatantly show more concern about their own bottom line than             
    the environment.  

  •  Share information about Biodiversity and other Environmental issues with friends and colleagues.

  •  Choose not to be the person that says "let someone else worry about biodiversity".


Biodiversity is the Web of Life

Health and Biodiversity
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What can we do about the loss of Biodiversity?