No. 9 April 2017

    The sun rises each day from the East and it doesn’t matter if there are clouds around to cover it. The fact
    remains that it is there every day. The fresh start of each morning brings another set of challenges. The
    excitement of possibilities are right there before me with each new day.

    It is easy to get into a routine and not realize that there is something I can do to make this day count and
    add to the direction of my dreams and goals. I try to find the creative edge to each moment I am given
    because any action I take is a seed planted with a harvest to follow.

    The point is this- Don’t waste time on things that will not bring your life to a better place. Treat each day
    as a gift. Learn to unwrap it with great anticipation. Dare to dream high and find the path that will get you

    Each piece of art or music I create is a part of my new day. I want my Insight family to live with enthusiasm,
    we have been given the ability to create, and each new day must be cherished. Celebrate life and stay
    around those who think the same way
Each New Day
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