No. 7 February 2017
Going my Way?

We are now in the month of February and things have gotten off to a slow start for me. January
of 2017 was full of many twists and turns to say the least. Over the years I have learned that if
I don’t read the signs carefully I would not know whether I am close to reaching my destination.

There are many places to discover and I want to see them all. Musicians are travelers and our
roads are the songs that we write.  Sometimes when we start out we are not sure exactly
where we will end up.

But the journey is always fresh and brand new. For the most part musicians are like the United
Nations that come together and find ways to co-exist without ignoring the many cultural

It is my hope that the other part of this world will be like musicians who just want to live in a
world of harmony and symphonic balance. The key is to know what your part is and don’t drown
out any one so all can be heard.

Lately around this world there have been many loud statements and chaos with voices being
drowned out and many important issues are not heard.
Take a lesson from the world of musicians and learn to blend together and create a new song
that reflects and echoes the heart and makes the destination a common place for all. Let love
Rule. let’s get there together.