No.11 June 2017
June is here and the beginning of Summer is upon us. This is my favorite time of year with all the sunlight and warm
days. As time goes by I find myself learning to appreciate each day more. When I hear the latest news about some
extremist doing horrible things to people they never met, it makes love being a musician and artist more. This earth
is unique and regardless of what many thinks is the origin of this planet there is one thing for sure. We are all human
and the need of each other must be brought to the forefront. Once you die, there is no return and all that you have
done is written in permanent ink.

I want my insight family to embrace the short life we are given and seek to make this a better place.  Choose to be
the answer and not the question. There is so much and energy given to division which is the most severe waste of
time. The songs I write and music I make is an extension of who I am. With this I encourage all who read this to find
your place and then give it your all. Choose Love, because it is the first cause of everything that exist. Love will
always try to find a reason to give. Pray for those who lost love ones in Manchester and Manilla. This is what
happens when there is no love.
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