No. 8 March 2017
Insights from DrCal
                                                                      We are all Unique

Every day I am truly thankful for the gift of music in my life. Those who create their own songs and compose
original compositions are the ones who experience creation on a small level. For us the tunes play in our
head all day and night. Like those who create in architecture, the plan comes in the mind and then is placed on
paper through sketches until the final structure is finished for all to see.

I admire those who can imitate and copy created works of music to the point of recognition, however, doing
this can sometimes smother your ability to hear and create your own compositions.

I am sharing this to say that there are many things that need to go the whole term before many can appreciate the
final state. It is good to learn patience and wisdom to allow uniqueness to happen.

Do not allow routine and tradition to stop the masterpiece that is in you. Learn how to listen when you hear, and
learn to embrace the whole when you see. This applies to the human condition too. Please learn how to view each
person separately to experience their uniqueness. Learn from the old but embrace the possibilities of the new.
Learn the power and virtue of discovery.