The Host
DrCal is a talented musician and songwriter. He grew up playing the guitar and piano in the churches that he
attended. Then in his early adulthood played with Gospel and Gospel Jazz bands. Today he composes and shares
various styles of music featuring his skills on the piano and guitar

The Show
Insight was created by DrCal and first aired in January of 2011. He named the show” The DrCal Hour of Insight
because he wanted a place for musicians to not only share their music but  also be able to give  insight as to who they
are and why they write their music. The show features almost every style of music from country to Jazz The show airs
on Mondays at 4pm ESTwith an occasional exception. The shows are recorded live and can be found in the shows on
demand at:

The Interview
DrCal has been privileged to interview many artists from many places around the world such as South Africa, Japan
and Germany. Sometimes the artist is just starting out with their first CD, while others are well on their way and have
achieved a certain level of success. The interview doesn't  involve gossip or anything negative. It's just about
highlighting the achievements and goals of the artist and giving them a chance to express what they want the
audience  to know about them and their music. DrCal also features an  segment called "Living Legends" In this show
he features musicias,singerss/songwriters such as the legendary drummer Billy Cobham, who through their  success
have paved the way for others.

Doing this show has also inspired DrCal to create a project called Musicians for Biodiversity. Through his company
Lyfe Production, DrCal has partnered with the United Nations to bring awareness to the United Nations Decade on
Biodiversity. Many of the musicians that have been interviewed on the show are committed to being a part of this
project to bring awareness to this important subject. More information can be found on this project at:
"The DrCal Hour of Insight "
New York City EST
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